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Between "The Virus," MCO, and Work: Another Perspective

Everyone has been talking about ‘the virus’ for months, many countries are on lockdown and communities are mostly anxious/frustrated about the major change(s). This seems to be the only constant in 2020. Now, Numerous articles were shared about the Corona Virus (a.k.a. OVID-19 or SARS-COV-2), from a comprehensive knowledge bank about the situation in Malaysia, down to tips and tricks on ‘staying home & sane’ at times like this. Instead of talking about the repeated matters, we are just going to remind you of what’s important.

Limbo of Uncertainty to an Opportunity to Re-start, Re-focus & Re-connect In Malaysia, most non-essential businesses are forced to shut operations, leaving businesses with less (or zero) revenue. The ever-evolving predictions on the peak and end of the pandemic are thrown online by many reputable sources. Our Malaysian government is scrambling – firstly to re-set the recently broken ruling coalition, then to support the economic situation of their people during this crisis. We all share one thing: no one knows for certain on how deep the virus will leave a dent within the community – and that is frustrating if we focus on the wrong parts of the issue.

Yes, there are unavoidable challenges post-pandemic. Most of us are frustrated as it could feel like we are paralyzed and can do nothing but stay home. Unfortunately, crazed or our panic state of mind will not produce the best strategy and long-term outcome. Instead of gluing your eyes onto the news screen 24/7, it might be time for you to take some deep breath and optimize your resources in the situation.  

Maybe you can start by putting action into the areas or things within your control (i.e. being aware of the current situation, re-budgeting your expenses, getting on untouched/personal projects, or maybe finding ways to maintain productivity at home), you can perhaps focus on your growth beyond the current situation.

As unfortunate our situation is, there is no better time that would allow a personal and alone time to reflect on your current state, growth, and aspirations. We will wrap up this article with a reminder: stop whatever you are doing now, take a break from the external distraction/escape, reflect on yourself, and start imagining yourself a few years down the line. Take note of your instincts and the aspirations of your inner self; and if you have more extra time (like most of us do during MCO), you can even start mapping the pathways & milestones towards those aspirations.

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