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Outsource your Payroll to Nairenon

Entrust your payroll with a team whom you can trust and who believe in your business goals.

What is outsource payroll?

Many Start Ups and Small to Medium sized business owner's juggle between actually growing their business and doing the concurrent administrative work like Payroll Matters. With Outsource Payroll Service, our experts will handle your end-to-end payroll processes every month. 

Why outsource the payroll process?

Without Outsource Payroll

With Outsource Payroll

  • Monthly hassle of monthly payroll calculation.

  • You or your HR Team's are always stressed out every time payroll seasons come?

  • Stress and anxiety whether your statutory calculation is up to date (Remember when EPF calculation suddenly changes throughout 2020? Yeap, that's not fun.)

  • Often hesitate when it comes to your employee's tax filling and year-end processing?

  • Fret about your employees' data or salary being leaked among the team.

  • Hassle and worry free! Our experts will handle end-to-end payroll process every month.

  • Focus on what you and your HR Team is most passionate about: growth & the team's unity!

  • We have got you covered! Our experts are always up to date with statutory updates and keep you posted.

  • Enjoy your year-end holiday season and be sure about the accuracy of your monthly PCB and year end processing.

  • Fret not! Our consultants and experts will ensure confidentiality.

What is Outsource Payroll

When should I outsource payroll?

If you find payroll (frankly) stressful!

If you are not at least 90% familiar with Malaysian payroll, market standards, and Employee Act.

If you find it hard to keep up with the everchanging statutory requirements.

If you are a business owner who is looking to focus on growth or about to penetrate the Malaysian market.

If you are part of a HR team that want to focus on other areas of HR.

What is covered in Nairenon's Outsource Payroll Services?


Monthly payroll processing and reports with minimum involvement from you.


Calculation and remittance of Malaysian Statutory Requirements (EPF, SOCSO, EIS MTD/CP38).


Online pay slip generation.


Year end processing (including Form EA, Form E, and PCB II).

Why use Nairenon's Outsource Payroll Services?

Just like other idealists out there, Nairenon places compassion, integrity, and trust as our top priority. With all of your employee's data (and all the other sensitive details, we know) on the line, work with a team that is transparent and you can truly trust.

Our dedicated payroll specialists possess the experience to establish comprehensive processes and procedures for payroll.

LHDN Compliant &
Approved Software
Our offline and cloud-based software are each approved by LHDN. Ensuring your payroll will be tax compliant.

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