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Our Story

In Nairenon, we have experts with over 15 years of experience in the ITES and Human Resource field, our founder has benefited from the experience of working closely with several companies with a focus on mainly three industries: IT, Telecommunication & BPO.

As a team, Nairenon is goal and solution-oriented, yet also a passionate advocate of Compassionate Leadership. We firmly believe any organization that intentionally builds a culture based on Compassionate leadership with a focus on maximizing employees’ potential through engagement, inspiration, and motivation will lead to the best outcome.

Our family was officially established in 2018, a merge between experienced brains and compassionate young spirits, who aspire to add value by easing the burden of SMEs and Start-Ups in Human Resource


Offering payroll, manpower planning, life skill training, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to companies across Malaysia. In a short time span, we have experienced growth and nurturing Kuala Lumpur-based technical support center. We also have established rapport with universities famous for their IT and engineering graduates, adding to our diverse candidate pool across Malaysia.

Purpose Statement

Nairenon wants to add value beyond physical work by contributing something larger than ourselves in building a sense of family by love, respect, and loyalty to each another, our community, and our customers.

Why Nairenon?

Over 97% of Malaysian Business Establishments are SMEs & Startups.

In Nairenon, we aspire to add value by easing the burden of SMEs and Startups in Human Resource matters.

Emphasizing compassion, cultural fit, and transparency, we are aiming to deliver excellent and highly ethical services to our clients.

Our Core Values

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