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  • Who is Nairenon?
    Nairenon is a Malaysian based HR Consulting Start-up providing one-stop HR solutions for SMEs and other Start-ups. We center our values and conducts on compassion and cultivating long term relationships. To learn more of our story, click here.
  • What does Nairenon do?
    Nairenon provides a few key services, namely Payroll Services, Payroll Software (Employee Self Service), Manpower Planning Services (Recruitment Services), HR Consultation, Professional & Lifeskill Development, Union Matters Consultation, & Business Process Outsourcing. For the full scope of our services, check out our services page.
  • Nairenon is a young and small team, why would I trust Nairenon?
    With our people-focused approach, Nairenon aspires to add value and a touch of compassion to your HR process. Nothing makes us happier than helping our clients achieve their goals. Our small team is agile & is able to produce tailor-made strategies specific to your needs.
  • How do I get in touch?
    You can contact us here. Let's get talking!
  • What does Payroll Services mean?
    Nairenon's Payroll Services comprises of accurate processing of raw payroll data down to payroll breakdown. The goal is to ease the burden of repetitive, yet highly senstive functions within Human Resource departments.
  • How does Payroll Services work?
    As easy as 1-2-3: 1. Send us your raw payroll data (attendance, benefits, salary details, and others) 2. Nairenon will process the raw data into customisable payroll reports 3. You check and we disburse the payment
  • What are inclusive in Nairenon's Payroll Services?
    Our Payroll Service comprises of: 1. Payroll Calculation: from raw payroll data (salary, attendance, claims, overtime, and other pay elements) 2. Statutory check & compliance 3. Payroll Reports 4. Salary Disbursement (optional)
  • What does Employee Self-Service mean?
    With Employee Self-Service, employees and HR department's tedious process such as leave application, attendance logging, claims submission and others can be submitted and processed on a Cloud-based system. It allows HR departments to have a shorter and easier processing time for these elemets, making HR-payroll related matters smoother and more efficient. PS: It's more sustainable for the environment as well. Go green now!
  • Is Employee Self-Service Safe?
    Yes, the cloud based system is certified and there is a designated technical team to ensure smooth operations and security of your employees data.
  • How much does it cost?
    Depending on the number of your headcount as well as the type and scope of services, we charge on a monthly basis. Let's chat and see how we can provide the services best suited for you!
  • You make it sounds easy, why don’t I just do it myself?
    Despite the periodically changing regulations, Nairenon's payroll experts and systems has a 99% accuracy when it comes to statutory compliance. Keep your payroll process and yourselves updated without doing the tedious research. Secondly, there is simply no better way to focus on your teams’ growth and performance than letting us handle the monthly hassle.
  • What is NOT covered by Nairenon's Payroll Service?
    1. Taxation, Legal, and Accounting Advisory 2. Employee’s Tax Return (Form B or BE) 3. Third Party Calculation & Payment (ZAKAT, ASB, PTPTN, and other payment outside of statutory requirements) - add on available
  • How do I find out more?
    You can contact us here. Let's get talking!
  • What does Manpower Planning / Recruitment Services mean?
    Our expertise in Strategic Manpower Planning services include candidate sourcing and recruitment streamlining for your hiring & expansion needs. It means that we help you to look for suitable candidates to fill the vacancies in your team, an extra filter for your applicants, and to expand pool of potential candidates for your vacancies.
  • How does Manpower Planning/Recruitment Services work?
    It's as simple as 1-2-3: 1. Let us know your hiring requirements 2. Nairenon will source & activate suitable candidates 3. Nairenon will submit the candidates who are filtered based on your needs And voila - your hiring needs are fulfilled!
  • What are inclusive in Nairenon's Recruitment Services?
    Depending on the type of Recruitment Service, we cater from candiate sourcing, pre-screening, interview scheduling, and all the way down to candidate support during their employment.
  • What if the candidates does not work out?
    Nairenon provides a guarantee period with replacement or refund options for employers.
  • How much does it cost?
    Depending on the type of Recruitment Service, we charge based on monthly/annual package of the selected candidates. Let's talk!
  • You make it sounds easy, why don’t I just do it myself?
    Recruitment and Manpower Planning is a tedious process that takes both time and monetary investment. Needlessly, at times all of those efforts are resulted in candidates who are not suitable and left within weeks. With Nairenon, we have a designated consultant to work on your account and take the time to source and screen through the candidates before we send them over to you. Unlike conventional services, Nairenon put emphasis on cultural fit and attitude, on top of learned knowledge and skillsets. So you will only be investing your time in getting to know quality candidates prior to making a hiring decision.
  • How do I find out more?
    You can contact us here. Let's get talking!
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