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The Pandemic Playbook: Using Technology
To Reimagine Employee Engagement

The Great Resignation has been the economic buzzword of the pandemic. This ongoing coronavirus crisis has led many to rethink where, how, and why we work. It's not just about pay and job titles anymore, today's employees are placing more importance on autonomy, recognition, engagementcareer planning, and so on. With an average increase in resignation rates — nearly 4.3 million people quit their jobs in January 2022  more and more people are considering changing jobs for a better employee experience. So this is where HR leaders and business owners enter the picture. What can we do to retain our best employees, our top talents?  Are our employees happy and satisfied with their current working life? Is there anything we could improve? Get your hands on this FREE whitepaper to learn more about employee engagement and how technology plays a role in this. Or you could simply give us a call and we'll answer your concern.

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Engaging the Hearts, Minds, and Hands of Talent is the

Most Sustainable Source of Competitive Advantage.

- Greg Harris -

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