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A holistic way of managing your company's payroll and HR needs

Managing a workforce while growing a business can be challenging, and most companies waste too much time trying to find the proper balance.

Nairenon's solution allows you to focus on their core business while we take care of your employees and ensure long-term sustainability.

We nurture your most valuable asset,

Our customised consulting services bring value at every level of your company's growth.

As a result, we invest in laying a solid basis for your human resource needs, allowing you
to achieve a higher return on investment for both your employees and your company.

Payroll Services

Speak with our designated consultants about your payroll-related concerns (it's free of charge, of course) and see if there is anything we can do to support you.

Looking to outsource?

With our people-focused approach, Nairenon aspires to add value and a touch of compassion to your recruitment and outsourcing process. 

Contact us to learn more about our outsourcing experience in IT, Engineering & BPO industries.

See how our integration can benefit your business.

Nothing makes us happier than helping our clients achieve their goals. Our tailor-made strategies
have benefited businesses in Kuala Lumpur ranging from startups to MNCs, allowing them
to optimise workplace operations while saving money and time.

Business Productivity

Our clients in the SME industry have become less concerned about staffing and more productive in their business execution.

Recruitment Efficiency

By introducing industry-standard HR practices and initiatives, we helped our clients expedite their recruitment procedures.

Workforce Efficiency

As a result of our payroll services, your payroll processing time can reduce from 1 week of manual processing to a couple of days of just checking and confirming.

Trusted Partners

Proud Achievements


We partnered with a global network of businesses, individuals, and NPOs that aims to tackle our planet's most pressing environmental issues.

We give 1% of gross sales each year to our approved nonprofit partners through a variety of support.


Organized by Hiredly and Digital News Asia, the Harimau x Startup List has awarded Nairenon a Merit Recognition for doing a great job at creating a rich, shared, impactful, and growth infused company culture.

We are advocates for progress, not just consultants.

Apart from serving our clients, we also believe in educating the general public
with valuable information on growing businesses and managing workforces.

Our community site can be a strategic advantage in helping you thrive in an ever-changing HR landscape.

Ready to take a leap?

Book a demo with us and we'll show you how our tailored programmes
can immediately benefit your company's needs.

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